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Remy Hair ExtensionsRussian Hair Extensions

Remy Hair Extensions
Prices from £59

Russian Hair Extensions
Prices from £199

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Teeth Whitening Strips
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We know everybody wants to look good as a celebrity does, and thats why we thrive to bring you the highest grade 100% Human Hair Extensions at amazing prices. We only stock the best and highest quality hair 5*A Grade types. So why not treat yourself and get that Celebrity look that you deserve!
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Choose Celebrity Hair Extensions

It is wonderful to be celebrity because people long to see you, copy you in every respect and may even try to live a lifestyle of yours. For some they are important personalities and no doubt some of them are important people. They are favourites of their fans and are generally multimillionaires if not billionaires. What makes them a celeb is their charity and welfare work for the deserving. So they are celebrities and they should be emulated. Their Hair Extensions styles are the favourite part of their personality their fans like to copy. After all they have the Celeb Hair Extensions.

They provide us the designs and choice of the hair for hair extensions. Their hair stylists are quite imaginative. They think of the styles, select the quality Hair Extensions, determine the length and choose the colours and suggest the whole scheme to the celebrity, try it, modify it and finally perfect it. That is the celeb style with Russian Hair Extensions.

It is the vendors, hair artists and stylist which design the style and put lot of ingenuity in this art with lot of micro details to create and effect.

For Brazilian Hair Extensions lot of thinking is involved. How much should be the length of hair extensions is determined by effect desired and how volume is to be added is determined by make of the face, and the style to be made.
Next in celebrity hair extensions comes the selection of colour. Is the aim to give a blonde look or a brunet with appropriate coloured hair or some new look is to be created by multi-coloured stripes?

What technique for the Remi Hair Extensions is to be used; are they to be clipped, glued or strewn by weaving them as weft?

Celeb Hair Extensions may be in trimmed shape spreading all round the head, or in shape of straight cascading smooth hair extensions spread on the back. Some like curls all over and some want straight hair with two curly locks hanging on either side of the neck. Yet some want them to be braided in one thick long tail and some may like in many small braids with varying number of strands.

Whatever the style or whatever the colour, the main aim is to give an impact of design and bring out the beauty of the face by adding a good hairstyle.
Remy Hair Extensions do make a difference in appearance because hair are an important factor in beautification of the ladies and they always wish to have long strong well textured and good colour hair extensions.

Hair Extensions provide a flexible medium to play with and make shapes of choice in different designs. Celebrity extensions may be made of any material; Remy hair or the artificial fibre hair, they serve dual purpose. In case of defective hair growth on the head, they cover the defect and provide the opportunity to style the hair extensions with own choice and on the head of a celebrity become Celebrity Extensions. The other purpose served is having variety of looks as part of makeup.  

European Hair Extensions are the cheap type of hair extensions that we currently sell. The European hair is still at the remy hair quality standards at a fraction of the costs when compared to hair salon extensions prices. European Extensions will generally last about 6 months depending on regular treatments to the hair extensions and are otherwise known as Euro Hair Extensions.

At Celeb Extensions we try to offer a wide range of a choice from Cheap Hair Extensions to mid rasnge quality and price hair up to the high end best quality hair extensions such as our luxury russian hair extensions.

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